1 Channel RF Motor Remote Controller for Motor of Garage Door

Question from customer:

I have a garage door with a motor connected. I don’t have a control board or remotes for it. So I was looking at the RF models. The motor I have is a standard 12v garage roller door opener.


This DC RF Motor Remote Controller features in forward-reverse-stop capability. You can rotate the motor in positive or reversal direction by transmitter from any place within a reliable distance, wireless signal pass through walls, floors and doors. With time delay function, the working time of positive/reversal rotation can be adjusted from 10 to 60 seconds. Besides ordinary functions, this motor controller has limit switch which can be activated to stop motor rotation automatically when the rotation is overdone.


Wiring and operation:

Connect power supply DC 12V to the terminals “IN”. Connect DC motor to the “OUT”. You can exchange the output wires of motor to change the rotating direction of motor.


Press button ▲: Light 1 shines, motor rotates in the positive direction, and it will stop after a certain delay time.

Press button ▼: Light 2 shines, motor rotates in the reversal direction, and it will stop after a certain delay time.

The delay time of positive / reversal rotation can be adjusted from 10 to 60 seconds. Turn R1/R2 clockwise, prolong the delay time. Turn R1/R2 anti-clockwise, shorten the delay time. When you press button ▲ or button ▼, the motor starts to rotate; It will stop after the delay time is expired.

After press button ▲, you must press button ■ to stop motor firstly, and then press button ▼.

If you pull out the Jumper of the receiver, you can press directly button ▼ after press button ▲.

It is also suitable for the motors of rolling blinds, projection screens, awnings, pumps, winches, conveyors or other appliances and machineries with voltage DC12V.

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1 CH DC12V RF Motor Remote Controller

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