Wall Switch and Transmitter for Lamp

Manual and Remote Switch Control Dock Light

Question from customer:

I have a dock light (120v) that I would like to be able turn it on/off with a regular switch on the wall and/or a remote from the boats. Do you have something that will do that?

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We recommend the model of controlling unit—wall switch and remote transmitter (HS-1+CP-1). This controlling unit contains a wall switch and remote transmitter.


As your requirement, a regular switch on the wall is our wall switch product, and it pairs with a remote transmitter which is portable for you to use from the boats. This unit controls lamps, fans or other appliances with voltage AC 100~250V. It is also suitable for Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps. But it cannot work in LED lamps. By them, you can turn on/ off the lamp with remote control from any place within a reliable distance, the wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.

Let’s see about the wiring diagram and practical application procedure. At first, we should follow the wiring diagram to do some wiring. Taking apart the wall switch, then you can connect wires. Neutral wire is connected to AC lamp. Wire AC lamp to terminal “Out 1” of wall switch. Live wire is connected to terminal “In” of wall switch.


After fixing wall switch on the wall with screws, we can learn remote control to wall switch. Then we can finish all installation.


Usage of Wall Switch:

When starting to walk to your dock from your house or parking your boat at dock after your tour, walking along trestle bridge to your house, you can press button, turn on the lamp; Press button again, turn off the lamp.

Usage of remote control transmitter CP-1:

After your departure from dock by your boat or arrival at dock, you can press button, turn on the lamp; Press button again, turn off the lamp.

We believe that this unit can meet your demand.

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