WIFI Controller for Linear Actuator

WIFI Controller and Mobile Phone Remote Control Linear Actuator

A linear actuator is an actuator which creates motion in straight line and applied in machine tools, industry, valves, disk driver, dentist’s chair… Maybe, it will be used at home, such as massage chair, electric sky lights, truck… Have you ever thought that you can use mobile phone to remote control your linear actuator motor in WIFI network? Absolutely you can do it with help of our mobile phone WIFI controller. Also we have linear actuator. We will show you how to realize that remote controlling procedure. Here is the material we should prepare.

1×WIFI controller (WF-8-1R)

1×mobile phone

1×12VDC Linear Actuator Motor

1×9VDC 1A Power Adapter (for WIFI controller)

1×12VDC 3A Power Adapter (for linear actuator )


material-our automation

The WIFI controller is normally open/ closed contact. The wiring is like this.

A, B terminals are normally closed; B, C terminals are normally closed. Two wires of linear actuator are wired to common terminals B of relay 1 and relay 2 respectively. C terminals are supposed to wire to positive pole of power adaptor. B terminals are supposed to wire to negative pole of power adaptor.

wiring diagram-our automation

wiring-our automation

After switching on power, the first LED is on. This is the power LED. Waiting for a while, we connect mobile phone WiFi when the WIFI start-up LED shines (the second LED). After a while, WiFi connection status LED shines when the WiFi connection is successful. We press control software icon which is installed in the mobile phone in advance to enter operated status. And press the “connect” from the top right corner.

press wifi software icon-our automation

Set Momentary control mode for relay 1 and relay 2: Click the ▼ icon of 1&2 channels. Choose M (Momentary) control mode for each channel.

M mode-our automation

Press and hold button 1, motor shaft extends. Release button 1, motor shaft stops.

press and hold button 1-our automation

Press and hold button 2, motor shaft retracts. Release button 2, motor shaft stops.

press and hold button 2-our automation


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