Remote Control Water Scooter

One Transmitter Remote Control 6 Water Scooters

Question from customer:

I would like to find a solution to control 6 water scooters (12 V). The idea is that from the beach, I am able to shut down the switch of a user that is getting wild or getting to close to danger. So the longest the control distance is much better.

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We recommend six 12VDC direct power output receivers (S1XB-DC12-ANT2) with the long distance remote (CB-6). Input power and output power of receiver are same as dc 12v. So it is easy for wiring. The receiver can use the water scooters’s battery to operate and controlled water scooters also can get power through receiver. The usage is also very simple. There are 3 working modes setting in the remote control. They are toggle, momentary and latched. But as for you, you have to use toggle mode. Press button, turn on device; Press button again, turn off device.

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Working distance of remote and receiver set is 2000m (6000ft) in open field if we add external extended antenna in it.

0020276 S1PUA-AC110Antenna wire

Controlling 6 water scooters, you need 6 receivers. Wire each water scooter’s motor to each receiver as the following picture shown.


When any of water scooters is getting wild or getting to close to danger, you can press any button to stop any of them to prevent from accidents. What’s more, it is the long range remote control which can help you control water scooters long distance. | 502: Bad gateway

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