Remote Control Valve

Wirelessly Romote Control Water Valve by Sprinkler Controller

Question from Customer:

I am trying to design and build a remote switch system for my sprinkler system. I need to use the sprinkler controller (12v output for on) to trigger a transmitter to switch a 12v operated valve on the other side of the yard (about 300m away.) I have mains power at both locations but the underground 12v wire from the controller has been damaged so I would like to build a remote system to save putting new conduit for around 300m across the yard.

Looking at your systems, the easy part would be the receiver end because I would only need a 12v power supply. The hard part will be getting the transmitter to switch on when the sprinkler controller switches on (12v).



We recommend direct power output high power long range remote control kit—S1PX-DC12-ANT2+CB-2V. The remarkable feature of this kit is that its transmitter is triggered DC power 5~28V input. That is to say, the transmitter will send out RF signal to receiver as long as it gets a 5~28V voltage from a device. Besides this advantage, its working distance is up to 2000m (6000ft). And the working current is 30amp. RF signal can pass through doors, walls and other obstacles.

remote control

Look at the following simulated diagram. The sprinkler control controls the valve box through the underground electrical wire initially. Unfortunately, the wire has been damaged. However, customer is unwilling to put new conduit for about 300m across the yard.

original wiring

So using our product to solve this problem is a wise choice. We connect the black wire of transmitter to the common wire of sprinkler controller; Connect the red wire of transmitter to wire from controller to valve. On the other hand, in the control valve box, valve common wire is supposed to be connected to the negative terminal of receiver; valve wire should be connected to the positive terminal of receiver. (As the following application circuit shown)

application circuit


Wiring modification

When you switch on sprinkler controller, the transmitter will be triggered by 12V voltage from sprinkler controller and sent out RF signal to indicate receiver to work. The valve is open and it starts the irrigation. Likewise, you switch off sprinkler controller, the triggered transmitter will indicate receiver to stop working. The valve is closed and it stops the irrigation.

There is no need to put new wire between sprinkler controller and valve control box. It is no longer the hardest part of getting transmitter to switch on when the sprinkler controller switches on.

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