Remote Control Swimming Pool Light and Pool Pump

2 Channels Toggle Mode Remote Control Kit Operate Swimming Pool Light and Pool Pump

More and more families have swimming pools in their houses or villas. They can swim in the scorching summer with joy. Surely, when the night falls, swimming pool will become more beautiful with lighting. In addition, there is usually swimming pool pump for drawing water into the swimming pool. We always switch them on and off one by one. It is not convenient to do so. To remote control them is a great idea for us. Most of us want to be able to control both independently using one remote control with multiple buttons.

pool_at_night2 ac motor controllers


Using this rf 2 channels toggle remote control set is very favorable for this situation.

Pool light and pool pump can be controlled by two different relays independently and they won’t have interference for each other. Toggle mode makes that each button on the transmitter can only control one device.

Here shows the demonstration.

Material preparation:




1×AC motor

Power supply

We make sure wire the correct relay to the corresponding device. Paired with relay 1, AC motor connects to the L&N terminals of relay 1 on the receiver. Likewise, the light connects to the L&N terminals of relay 2 on the receiver. The receiver should be powered.


Pressing button 1, the motor rotates.

S2X-AC+C-2-switch on motor

Pressing button 1 again, the motor stops rotating.

S2X-AC+C-2-switch off motor

Pressing button 2, the light is turned on.

S2X-AC+C-2-switching on light

Pressing button 2 again, the light is turned off.

S2X-AC+C-2-switch off light

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