Remote Control Submersible Pump

30amps 100M Remote Controller for Submersible Pump

Question from customer:

I am in Australia and here we have Live-Re and Neutral-Black and Earth-Green. I wish to wire a submersible pump to your radio controller then back to the consumer mains. Please advise if wiring would be.

Mains :

Live Red          to            Controller  Power Supply L

Neutral Black  to           Controller Power Supply N

Controller terminal A               to  Pump Live Red

Controller terminal B                    to Pump Neutral Black

What is the terminal C in the controller used for? How is the earth cable from the pump and the incoming power cable earth to be connected via the controller?


We recommend you 1 channel 30amps remote controller kit (S1PU-AC220&C-2). This 1 channel 30A rf remote control kit operates in toggle, momentary and latched control mode (set the mode as you like freely). It is great for hard to reach electrical devices, remote distance is 100m. Control lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors / locks / windows / blinds / cars or other appliances with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.


The outputs of this receiver are relay outputs (the terminals are normally open and normally closed), they are not AC power outputs. It just amount to a switch to turn on or off device.

If you want to turn on / off the pump by this product, the connections are as following:

Live Red        to       Controller  Power Supply L

Neutral Black    to       Controller  Power Supply N

Live Red        to       Controller terminal B

Neutral Black    to       Pump Neutral Black

Controller terminal A   to           Pump Live Red

the earth cable from the pump  to     Earth – Green



Setting control mode Toggle: Only connect Jumper-2. Control mode Toggle: Press -> On; Press again -> Off. Press button 1: Turn on the  submersible pump. Press button 1 again: Turn off the  submersible pump.

Setting control mode Momentary: Only connect Jumper-1. Control mode Momentary: Press and hold -> On; Release -> Off. Press and hold button 1: Turn on the  submersible pump. Release button 1: Turn off the  submersible pump.

Setting control mode Latched: Disconnect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2. Control mode Latched: Press -> On, other relays Off; Press another button -> Off. Press button 1: Turn on the submersible pump. Press button 2: Turn off the  submersible pump. | 502: Bad gateway

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