Remote Control Alarm System

DC Output Remote Controller for Customized Alarm System

One of our customers wants to customize an alarm system. He presented his own idea to us. He needs two receivers on the PCB, using transistor in the receiver instead of relay to reduce the consumption because he wants low consumption version when using that alarm. The PCB should be as small as possible. The alarm working current will be about 270ma. When press button one on the keyfob, receiver 2 is to open the switch to turn on receiver 1. Receiver 2 is to close the normally open contact(turn on the alarm) when receiver 2 receives a signal from the PIR and closed the alarm after 2 minutes.

Press button 1 again to open the contact (SILENCE THE ALARM)

Press button 2 to momentarily close the normally open contact (Test Alarm).

Requirement: Receiver must be acceptable for the first signal only no matter how many signals are sent during alarming time. It will receive signal again after reopening.

(Picture 1: original picture)


As for his requirement, we retrofit one kind of our products. We use DC voltage output 1 channel remote controlled switch unit (S1X-DC12 & C-2 ) and PIR. We also provide infrared probe to him. Relay on the receiver has changed for transistor.


Here is the wiring picture.

Please pay attention to the picture he sent to us (original picture above), we make a little change, there are 4 point of wire junction, from the top down, we named them 1,2,3,4. We contact point 2 and 3 inside, so he doesn’t need to contact another wire to point 3 like the original picture. Picture 2 and 3 are material object connection diagram.

(Picture 2)


(Picture 3)

detail of connection

When remote control unit begins to work, the receiver will learn codes from transmitter and PIR.

PS: the receiver can only learn Transmitter and PIR one by one. Do not learn them simultaneously. | 502: Bad gateway

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