RF Remote Control Socket

How to change an ordinary portable socket to an RF remote control portable socket

Long time ago, infrared remote controlling system has appeared and now it is still widely used in our daily life. For instance, using infrared remote controller to control TV set, air-conditioner, light, shutter, door and so on.

Now, I believe that you may hear something about remote control socket which uses the infrared to send signal to turn on or off the socket so that it can supply or cut off power to devices. That is an innovative idea of the use of infrared. But infrared remote controlling has its defects. The major defect is a point and click operation system. You have to have the remote control in the line of site of devices themselves. There is no exception with infrared remote control socket. You may still have to find the infrared received terminal on the socket and aim at it with transmitter like you use any of infrared control gadgets. If you go to another place which is far away from the controlled appliance, you cannot do that because of poor signal blocked by door, wall or something else.

But the rf remote control system can help you to solve this problem that it can penetrate non-transparent objects and fixed barriers to transmit signal. That is to say, it can transmit signal through door, wall or in a long range. We may feel free and convenient when using this system.

How to change an ordinary portable socket to an RF remote control portable socket on earth? We can offer a little control gadget to refit your ordinary socket.

First, we need the following gadget.




Then, we should prepare a socket, a plug and a lamp and power supply other than the transmitter and receiver.


The wiring processing is very simple.

Step 1, we connect the plug wires to the input terminal of the receiver.


Step 2, the wires from the socket should be connected to the output terminal of the receiver.

picture 4

Step 3, we insert the plug to power supply and switch, the power LED light in the receiver shine at once.


Step 4, the lamp’s plug is inserted to the socket.


The wiring processing finished.


Step 5, press button 1, the lamp turns on.

picture 8

Step 6, press button 2, the lamp turns off.

picture 9


That is really a simple way to change an ordinary socket to an RF remote control socket. If you have this kind of socket, it is so convenient to you. You can switch on or off any devices plugged into the socket. An rf remote control socket is so easy to make as long as you use our rf remote control products.

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