Remote Control Rolling Blinds

RF Remote Control System To Open / Close 6 Rolling Blinds


I would like to have a centralized rf remote control system to open or close 6 rolling blinds without going from here to there. The electric motor of blinds operates on 240V. Can you suggest something as a solution? Thanks.


You can order 6 receivers for motor remote control model of S1FC-AC220 (operating voltage range is AC 100V ~ 240V); 6 external magnetic antennas 0020909, which are respectively installed to each receiver for longer remote distance; and one remote transmitter CB-4.

As you see in the picture of remote, button A can be set to control motor of blinds forward direction; button C can be set to control reversal direction. Buttons B and D can be set to stop the rotation.

Wiring diagram is as follow:

Connect live wire to terminal “L” and neutral wire to terminal “N”. Then connect three wires of blind motor to terminals “UP”, “COMMON” and “DOWN”.

Press button A, 4 motors of blind rotate continuously in forward direction at the same time.
Press button B, rotation stops.
Press button C, 4 motors of blind rotate continuously in reversal direction at the same time.
Press button D, rotation stops.

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