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Normally Open /Closed Wiring Method

In a switch where the contacts remain in one state unless actuated, the contacts can either be normally open (abbreviated “n.o.” or “no“) until closed by operation of the switch, or normally closed (“n.c.” or “nc“) and opened by the switch action. Our remote receiver can be grouped into two types according to its current output modes. They are normally open/closed switch connection or current direct output connection (Controlled device can get power from powered receiver directly).

Recently, one customer sent a picture of “Normally Open/Closed Receiver Connecting to an AC Lamp” to us to ask whether it is correct or not.

wrong connection

Unfortunately, it is a wrong wiring. Please see a red cross to the lamp wiring from the following picture. This red cross points out the wrong wiring. AC lamp should not wire to the normally open terminals of receiver because there is no current through them which are only equivalent to a switch.

wrong connection Copy

The correct wiring is as follow. This is the 1 channel normally open/ closed ac receiver (S1U-AC220) wiring. AC lamp is connected to normally open terminals B&C. And add a wire between terminals B&N and another wire to terminals C&L. At last, wire a plug to terminals L&N. Then, we finish the wiring.

S1U-AC220 circuit

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