To delay the switch of fan with RF remote controller

One of our customers said that he wanted to buy a remote controller to control switch delay. He would like it to control the fan in bedroom to turn off automatically after he slept. It is very energy-saving and money-saving. So we recommend the following remote control kit with time delay function.


The major characteristic of this model is switch delay. We have timer in the receiver. So the customer can adjust delay time from 0 second to 99 hours according to their requirement.

Here is the application circuit.



From the wiring picture, wires from the fan should be connected the B&C terminal of the receiver respectively. First of all, Press buttons of “+” and “—” on the timer and adjust delay time. If customer wants to fan be off after 2 hours, he will set “H 0 2”, it means the delay time is 2 hours. Then we press button 1, the fan begins to work. After delayed time, the fan will turn off by itself .If we press button 2, the fan is turned off immediately. There is no need to wait for delay time.

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