Remote Controlling 2 LED Lamps On and Off Simultaneous

Question from customer:

I need to be able to remotely turn on/off two 100W 12V lights at the same time. All lights ON and all lights OFF at the same time. Each light has its own 12V power and none of the lights can be wired together. Do you have a solution?


It is possible. We recommend you the two 1 channel DC power output RF Latched receivers (S1XL-DC12) and the 500M transmitter (CP-2). This is the direct current triggered receiver, which is also supplied power to the controlled device. As regards the latched working mode, it is motivated by relay group. When you control the lamp by latched mode, you should prepare at least two buttons remote. Press button 1, the lamp is on; press button 2, the lamp is off. We will set them with the same code, when you can connect two lights to these 2 receivers, you can press big button on the CP-2 to turn on 2 lights at the same time, and you can press small button to turn off 2 lights at the same time.

We made a presentation. Look at the material.

2×1 channel latched receiver

1×2-button transmitter(500M)

2×LED lamp

2×power adaptor

Some lines

CP-2 control 2 S1XL-DC12-material

Here is the wiring picture. Each led lamp is connected to each receiver and supply DC12V power.

CP-2 control 2 S1XL-DC12-wiring

Press big button, two led lamps turn on simultaneously.

CP-2control2 S1XL-DC12-big button lamp on

Press small button, two led lamps turn off simultaneously.

CP-2 control 2 S1XL-DC12-small button lamp off

Operational Video:

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