8 Channel Power Output WIFI Controller Switches LED Strip On and Off

A brand new Smartphone WIFI controller (android system) supports 2.1 ~ 4.0 version Android software system. It is still WIFI interface and it controls devices via WIFI connection. The most remarkable characteristic is that AC and DC power direct output, which means that when you supply ac power, output terminals are ac power output; when you supply dc power, output terminals are dc power output. It is applied in modern agriculture field, smart home, instruments, equipment control. WiFi remote control lights, motors, fan, electric doors / windows, aircraft, remote cars, remote toys, rolling blinds, pumps, winches, or other electrical devices with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.

We will show you the WIFI controlling of LED strip and we have to prepare the following material.

1×Smartphone WIFI controller

1×mobile phone (android system)

1×LED lamp

2×power adaptor

Some lines


This is the WIFI controlling of LED strip’s wiring. Look at the little picture in the following picture. We connect the DC 12V adaptor to the ”Power Input ” terminal. On the other hand, output terminal will output 12V to the LED strip. If there is AC power input, the output terminals will output AC power to the controlled devices.


After simple wiring, we switch on the power. The “power” LED light is on. With the shining of the WiFi “Ready” LED light, we turn on WiFi of mobile phone. The WiFi “Link” LED light is on. We press the control software installed in the mobile phone and press the “Connect”.

WF-8-2R (Android)-WIFI connected

We will use two controlling mode for LED strip controlling. At first, we set “T” mode.

Press the ▼ icon of any channel. Choose T (Toggle) control mode.

WF-8-2R(Android)-T mode

Press button 1 icon and the color of icon changes to green, the LED strip turn on.

WF-8-2R(Android)-lamp on

Press button 1 icon again, the LED strip turn off.

WF-8-2R(Android)-press button to turn off lamp

We set timer delay time of 5 seconds.

WF-8-2R(Android)-time delay setting

Press button 1 to turn on LED strip.

WF-8-2R(Android)-lamp on(time delay)

After 5 seconds, the LED strip will be off automatically.

WF-8-2R(Android)-lamp off

Operational Video:

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