Remote Controllable Automatic Pool Cover by High Power Remote Control System

Question from customer:

I need an RF remote controller for a pool cover. This has to be heavy duty and be able to handle 15AMP.  I need a forward-reverse, however, it needs to stop immediately without time delay.


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With the benefits of safety, convenience, water conservation, energy efficiency and easier maintenance, swimming pool covers have increased being used for many families recently. People prefer to use automatic pool cover. Automatic covers cover and uncover the pool by pushing a button which makes more convenience. Have you ever thought about control your pool cover within a reliable distance with remote controller? That is the remote controllable automatic pool cover. But how to remotely control pool cover?

First we need a receiver box to install to motor of your pool cover and a transmitter to instruct the receiver to work. So remote controllable a pool cover, maybe you are looking forward to knowing how it work.


This handy gadget can make high power AC motor rotate forward and reverse.

Here is the wiring picture:

application circuit


We aim to how to make this remote controllable automatic pool cover work in this step.  After wiring, we press button A to open pool cover with motor rotate in forward direction. Press button C, the motor stop rotating. We press button B to close pool cover with motor rotate in reversal direction. Press button C, the motor stop rotating.

Through remote controlling motor of pool cover rotate forward and reverse, we can control it open or close in a reliable distance anytime.

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