Momentary and Toggle Mode Remote Controller for Winch Motor and Lamps

Question from customer:

I am in need of a controller. I will be using this to control a winch on my pickup and some lights. So I need one button momentary for line in, one button momentary for line out, and 2 buttons on/off for lights.


4 Relay multi-mode On / Off remote controller (S4U-DC12 & C-4) is very suitable to you. There are 4 channels for more than one device. It has universal controlling mode, including toggle, momentary, latched, and Momentary+toggle modes. The maximum current is 10A and working distance is about 100m. It features in controlling lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors / locks / windows / blinds / cars or other appliances with AC110~240V or DC0~28V. You can turn on/off the receiver with transmitter (remote control) from any place within a reliable distance; the wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.


According to your requirement, Channel 1~2 are for motor and Channel 3~4 are for lamps. At first, please see the wiring. Wire winch motor to “B” terminals of relay 1 and relay 2. That makes motor rotate in two different directions. Supply power to winch motor. Secondly, wire two lamps to “B” terminals of relay 3 and relay 4. Supply power to lamps.

S4U-DC12 circuit

Thirdly, learning Momentary (Channel 1~2) + Toggle (Channel 3~4) control mode: When the receiver is in the status of LEARNING, press button 3 of the transmitter.

When you press and hold button 1, winch motor rotates in positive direction; release it, winch motor stops.

When you press and hold button 2, winch motor rotates in reverse direction; release it, winch motor stops.

When you press button 3, turn on lamp 1; press button 3 again, turn off lamp 1.

When you press button 4, turn on lamp 2; press button 4again, turn off lamp 2.

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