House Ornamental Lights Remote Controlling by One to Many Series Remote Controller

Question from customer:

I’m looking for a wireless remote that I can use to create a simple on off switch to 12 led light fixtures connecting to a 6V battery at different places around my home. Do you have any suitable remote controller for me?

LED lights 2


We recommend model 12 Channel DC6V Remote Controller – 1 Transmitter & 12 Receiver  (12S1UB-DC06&1CV-12). This RF remote controller has the special ability to learn remote codes, allowing it to be used in one-transmitter-to-many-receivers system. That is to say, you only need a transmitter to control 12 receivers. 6V is added to receiver as activated power. It operates in toggle, momentary, and latched mode (set the mode as you like freely). It is great for hard to reach lights or other DC/AC electrical devices, remote distance can be 500m (theoretically). And it is applied for controlling lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors / locks / windows / blinds / cars or other appliances with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.


Here is the wiring diagram. LED lamp is connected to normally open terminals B&C. And add a wire between terminals “B&-“ and another wire to terminals “C&+”. At last, wire a plug to terminals “+&-“. LED lamp and receiver will share the same power supply——6V.


It’s easy to set and operate. You can press each button on the transmitter to control the corresponding receiver to control LED lamp.

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