1 Channel High Power Long Distance Control Set Designed for Vacuum Motor


I have a central vacuum system. The motor is located in the garage. I want to be able to plug the motor into a receiver so I can turn it on and off from a wireless RF remote control. The garage is 100 ft from the house. What is your suggestion for this application?


We promote this high power long distance control set. S1PX-AC220-ANT2 & CB-2.

We made a demonstration for customer.

First we will prepare some materials. Transmitter and receiver, AC motor, power supply.

Wiring picture is as follow.

The AC motor connects to the receiver and the receiver is powered by 220V.


Pressing big button, the motor begins to rotate.

S1PX-AC-ANT2+CB-2-motor on

Pressing small button, the motor stops to rotate.

S1PX-AC-ANT2+CB-2-motor off


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