Wireless remote control LED lights on riding arena

I built my wife an outdoor riding arena for horse riding. I’m looking at installing 6-8 led flood lights with solar panels to charge 12 volt batteries. Wondering if there was a way I could get a single remote to turn the all lights on and off at the same time. Thanks!


You can buy several receivers and a remote, and install each light to a receiver, then use this remote to turn the all lights on and off at the same time.

We have one-to-many remote control kits. This kind of system includes one-transmitter-to-many-receiver system and one-receiver-to-many-transmitter system. It is often used for controlling two or more electrical devices in different places by one remote; or one electrical device by two or more remotes.

Here are some pictures.


The RF wireless remote control kit is 99 Channel Wireless Transmitter with 24 RF DC Power Receivers remote control system. The working distance can reach 1000M in an open area.


The second RF remote control kit is one transmitter controls 12 receivers system. The maximum working current is 10A.


The third RF wireless remote control systems can remote control six receivers.

With such RF remote control system, you can remote control several device at the same time.

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