wireless remote control two different voltages equipment

How to Wireless Remote Control Two Different Voltages Equipment

Question from customer:

Can I use the receiver to control a DC 24 volt circuit on one relay and a DC 12 volt circuit on the other relay? I need 2-button remote which can control two electrical equipment respectively. If you have this remote control , please tell me as soon as possible.


According to your requirements, Model 0020497 (S2U-DC12 & C-2L) is suitable for you. The wireless RF remote control have two parts, the receiver and the transmitter. The relay of the receiver can work at different DC voltages. They are DC 0~28V. You can connect DC 12V & 24V equipments to this receiver in accordance with your needs. The button 1 on the transmitter control one device on/off, when you press button 1, the equipment turns on; If you press the button 2 again, it turns off. The button 2 control the other equipment by the same way.

Of course, the wireless remote can control two different voltages equipment. The relay of the receiver not only can work at DC voltage but also at AC voltage (110~240V). It can remotely control one DC voltage device and the other AC voltage one, two DC voltages equipment that there are DC 0~28V to choose, two AC voltages appliances. The remote control is widely used. It can control lights, fans, motors, electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/ cars or other appliances with AC 110~240V or DC 0~28V.







It is rather convenient for you to carry the remote, because the wireless RF remote control is lightweight and no wire. You can operate it by wireless RF signal that can pass through walls, doors and floors. The reliable distance can reach 100m/300ft theoretically.


Let us know more details about the remote control. The terminals A and B are norminally closed, the terminals B and c are norminally open. Output terminals Positive electrode and Negetive electrode should be wired to additional power supply. The two electrical equipment should be connected to the terminals B & C in accordance with the application circuit.


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