WIFI controller remote control motor

8 channels relay output wireless WIFI controller of remote control motor by android device

Question from customer:

I am looking for a WIFI controller to operate 2 motors (Forward and Reverse) I would like this controller to be operated by a android or IOS device.


We introduce the wireless WIFI controller to you according your requirement. It is model: WF-8-1R. The WIFI controller is 8 channels relay output power and working voltage range is AC110~240V or DC0~28V. Its remote control distance is 150m theoretically. If you want to remote control motor, you need to connect motor to the output terminal of WIFI controller. After you install the WIFI controller software to your mobile phone, you can remote control motor rotates in forward and reverse direction by using your mobile phone. Besides, the WIFI controller can control lights, fans, electric doors / windows, aircraft, remote cars, remote toys, rolling blinds, pumps, winches, or other electrical devices with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.


Here is the circuit diagram of WIFI controller. You can connect two motors to “B & C” output terminal of WIFI controller. Then supply power to WIFI controller. And you can operate your mobile phone to remote control motors rotate in the positive and reversal direction.

1_08 1_05

There are four working modes for the WIFI controller: toggle, momentary, latched, and time delay. We have set the default toggle control mode as following operation:

Firstly, you need to connect wireless network to your mobile phone. Here is android software system. When click the ▼ icon of any channel in the mobile phone and choose T, it is toggle control mode. As the picture, click the icon of the relay 1 and the color of icon changes to green, it means relay 1 will be on, motor rotates. Click the icon again, the relay 1 will be off, motor stop rotating.


Finally, you can know more something about the WIFI controller by enter into the website. You can search the product as following:

Model: 0022001 (WF-8-1R)