vibrating pager by wireless remote control

Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Pager with Vibrator

Question from customer:

 Hello, I need a vibrating pager I can put in my pocket. The transmitter has to be 3-12V DC, and needs to be activated by an N/O relay closing. The vibrating pager needs to be on, as long as the relay is closed. What do I need for this? Thank You for your time.



 We provide the device to you in order to satisfy you requirement. It is model: Z-04 & C-1. The device consists of two parts: the receiver (vibrating pager, Z-04) and the transmitter(C-1) with two wires. Actually you can also use the other one transmitter (CP-1). It is similar to the C-1, but it can be used to further distance.

You can connect two wires of the transmitter to an N/O relay in your equipment , then vibrating pager will on as long as the relay is closed. That is similar to someone press the button of the transmitter and the relay is closed. Then the wireless RF signal will be launched to the vibrating pager and generates vibration.

Besides, you don’t need to supply power to the device by connecting power source. Because there are two batteries in the vibrating pager and the transmitter get power by one 12V battery. So you just need to mount two batteries in the vibrating pager and can put in your pocket. 

Vibrating pager and transmitter (Z-04 & C-1)                                                    










 Here is the structure picture of vibrating pager. When the vibrating pager receives the wireless RF signal from the transmitter, it will vibrate. Then you will know something happen. 


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Model: 0020161(Z-04 & C-1)