T control mode remote controller

Wireless transmitter toggle mode remote control 2 CH receiver

We recommend the wireless remote control facility here. It is model: S2RT-DC12 & CV-2. The receiver (S2RT-DC12) is 2 CH and working voltage includes DC 06/09/12/24V. The transmitter (CV-2) can remote control the receiver and working distance is 500m/1500ft theoretically. You can connect light to receiver and use the wireless transmitter to remote control light on/off.


Here is the circuit diagram of receiver. You can connect two lights to A terminal of receiver. Then supply power to receiver. When you press the button of transmitter, the lights will turn on/off by wireless remote control.

circuit diagram

The wireless remote control facility is toggle control mode.

Press the button 1, turn on lamp 1

Press the button 1 again, turn off lamp 1

Press the button 2, turn on lamp 2

Press the button 2 again, turn off lamp 2


Actually you can also enter into the website and search the wireless remote control facility as following:

Model: 0020066 (S2RT-DC12) 0021017 (CV-2)