Remote Controller Feed Load

Low Power Triggered Transmitter and 120V Receiver Module Kit Feed your Load

Question from customer:

“I am looking for a 120V rf transmitter module, single channel that is normally open. I want it to transmit signal when power is applied. I want to pair a 120V rf receiver relay with it, normally open. When I apply power to the transmitter, I want the receiver to close the relay feeding my load. You have a remote control system that meets this need, but I would like to hardwire a 120V switch rather than use a remote. ”


We recommend this 1 channel 220V universal receiver (S1U-AC220) and the low current triggered transmitter (CB-2V) with a 120V/12V power adapter. The receiver is normally open and closed contact, so you can wire AC 110~240V or DC 0~28V actuated device, such as lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances. The transmitter is DC power 5~28V input, that is to say, you need supply 5-28V power to this transmitter.


You can connect this adapter to the transmitter. And your device will be wired to receiver as following picture.



When 120V power is applied to this adapter, adapter will convert ac power to dc power output so that transmitter will trigger the receiver and the receiver will close the relay to feed your load. | 502: Bad gateway

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