Remote Control Siren and LED Lamps

Momentary Remote Switch for Car Siren and LED Lights

Question from customer:

If I wire a 12v device into the receiver, I won’t need to connect the device to its own power source. It gets power through this receiver. Actually,I am ready to wire a 12v car siren into one channel and a set of 12v LEDs into the other, and wire the 12v DC in to my cars battery. I can honk the siren and flash the lights from the remote?


Our suggestion is that you can choose our 2 channel momentary 12VDC power output remote controller (S2XM-DC12 & C-2).

remote control carymart

This is 12VDC direct power output, that is to say, you don’t have to supply your siren and led lamps to its own power because they can get through this receiver if you supply power to receiver. In addition, there are two channels for your devices you want to control. It is momentary controlling mode, which means that you press and hold button, the siren blares or led lamps flash constantly, but you release button, siren stops blaring or led lamps stop flashing. Two buttons on the transmitter are controlled siren and led lamps respectively. They won’t be interfered each other.

You can follow the wiring diagram and picture to wire your siren and led lamps. Car horn is connected to terminals of relay 1 and led lamps are connected to terminals of relay 1 in parallel. Car battery is supplied to receiver. Thus, siren and led lamps can get power through receiver.

circuit 3

wiring picture

You can honk the siren by pressing button 1 on the transmitter and flash led lamps by pressing button 2 on the transmitter. One transmitter can control two or more devices at ease. | 502: Bad gateway

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