Remote Control Portable Generator

How to Remote Control Portable Generator

Portable engine generators are used widely to supply electrical power in places where power is not dependable or available, or where power is needed only temporarily. Portable engine generators are sometimes used to supply power at construction sites. When we come across power failure, portable engine generator can supply power to appliances temporarily. To use engine generator more conveniently, have you ever thought remote controlling portable engine generator? Recently, one of our customers is looking for a remote control for a portable generator which basically has 2 circuits to operate. The first circuit is the run/stop circuit and operates on toggle, the second is the starter circuit and operates on momentary.

portable generator

We recommend the 2 channel ac multi-mode remote control kit (S2U-AC220 & C-2).

This kind of receiver is multi-mode, including toggle, momentary, latched, momentary+toggle mode. You can set one channel operated on toggle, another channel operated on momentary. 10 amps for each channel is the maximum working current. When receiver works with transmitter (C-2), its working distance can reach 100m (300ft).


The kit works in toggle, momentary, latched and momentary+toggle modes. You can set momentary+toggle mode according to you need.

Setting control mode Momentary + Toggle: Connect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2.

Control mode Momentary (Channel 1): Press and hold -> On; Release -> Off.

Press and hold button 1: Turn on relay 1 (connect B and C, disconnect A and B)

Release button 1: Turn off relay 1 (disconnect B and C, connect A and B)

Control mode Toggle (Channel 2): Press -> On; Press again -> Off.

Press button 2: Turn on relay 2 (connect B and C, disconnect A and B)

Press button 2 again: Turn off relay 2 (disconnect B and C, connect A and B)

So your wiring must like this.

Wire circuit 1 to relay 2

Wire circuit 2 to relay 1