Remote Control Irrigation Controller

AC 24V Irrigation System Remote Controlling(8 Zones)

Question from customer:

Hello, I’m hoping you can assist me with product selection. What I’m hoping I can do is use one of your long range remote control systems to control the zones in an irrigation controller. The irrigation controller and irrigation zones operate on 24VAC.

I think that your product S8CA-DC12-ANT2+CB-8 would work for my needs if the relays were 24V AC instead of 120V AC. Attached is a diagram of how I’m envisioning it all working.



8 Channel long range remote control is designed to be normally open and close connection. So all relays in this receiver can work at 24VAC. We add external extended antenna in the receiver in order to extend the range of remote controlling. It is estimated that the working distance of remote reach 2000M in the open filed.

remote control

There is 8 channel for your irrigation zones. According to your diagram, you can wire the irrigation zones and receiver as follow.


We supply receiver with other power so that no interference will generate between remote control and irrigation controller.

There are 8 working modes. You can choose any of them as you want. You can use one transmitter to open and close irrigation zones remotely.