Remote Control Fireplace Chimney Fan

30A High Power Remote Switch for Fireplace Chimney Fan

Question from Customer:

I’m looking for solution to remotely control fireplace chimney fan on roof of hi-rise building. Desired range would by over 150- 300ft. Fan is 110v, around 2A. Power source would be on roof and antenna would be on roof.

Please let me know if you have hardware solution.

fireplace chimney fan


1 channel 30A long range remote switch (S1PX-AC220-ANT2&CB-2) is very suitable for you. With 30A current and AC100~240V voltage direct output, you don’t have to provide additional power supply to controlled fireplace chimney fan because it can get power from powered receiver. The receiver is installed a external extend magnetic antenna, it will help receiver to amplify RF signal reception so that its working distance can reach 2000m(6000ft) outdoor. It is applied to hi-rise building and long range between two buildings. The transmitter enhances its transmitting function to match this kind of receiver.


The wiring procedure is simple. Look at the following picture. Wire fan’s motor to L&N terminals of receiver. Supply 110v to receiver.


There are toggle, momentary, latched modes in it. Among three modes, we suggest you to use latched mode (Do not connect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2.)

Press big button: Turn on the fireplace chimney fan.

Press small button: Turn off the fireplace chimney fan. | 502: Bad gateway

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