Remote Control Dust Catcher

How to Remote Control Dust Catcher

Question from customer:

I want to remote control a motor of dust catcher. It is 1400W, 220V and 6A. I wonder if you have any favorable suggestion for me ?


Our suggestion is that you can choose our 1 channel high power ac voltage output long distance remote control kit (S1PX-AC220-ANT2 & CB-2). It is very convenient to you because you don’t have to supply any power for controlled device. Controlled device will get power through receiver when receiver is power on. The maximum current of this kit is 30amp. So it is more than your requirement.

remote controller&vacuum cleaner

Working distance of remote and receiver set is 2000m (6000ft) in open field if we add external extended antenna in it.

external antenna

Here is the wiring diagram for your reference.

inner side& circuit

From the inside structure of dust catcher above, we know that electric motor of dust catcher is connected to OUTPUT L&N terminals. You can set latched working mode. Press big button, motor begins to work. The fan drives rotating brush to absorb dust from intake port to dust bag. You can start to vacuum rooms. Press small button, motor stops working. Vacuum cleaner stops vacuuming. Through this remote control, we can remote control vacuum cleaner on and off.