Remote Control Air Horn

One Channel AC Direct Power Output Remote Control for Air Horn

The air horn is pneumatic device designed to create a remarkably loud sound for signaling purpose. Air horns are widely applied to vehicles, such as large semi-trailer trucks, fire trucks, trains, and some ambulances and ships as a signaling device. Someone would like to install air horn in his vehicle.

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Recently, one of our customers wants to remote control his air horn in his truck. He needs a momentary remote that he can honk a “LOUD” horn located outside the toolbox in the box of his truck. It is a pneumatic horn that needs approximately 125PSI air. The air has to be momentarily transferred to the horn using a solenoid. The solenoid is controlled by applying 110volts. The 110 volts is obtained by the 3000watt inverter that is also inside of the toolbox in the box of the truck.

Our reply:

We recommend the remote receiver model of one channel ac direct power output and one button transmitter (S1X-AC220+C-1). The being controlled devices can get power supply from the receiver directly when the receiver is power on. The working current is 100V~240V.

The receiver will be mounted next to the solenoid inside the toolbox in the box of the truck. The transmitter can be mounted under the center post of the steering wheel (The transmitter is small enough for concealing).

He can honk the horn using a momentary working mode remote. When he press and hold the remote button, the solenoid will be open and air horn sends out extremely loud noise; When he release the remote button, the solenoid will be closed and air horn stops making a sound. | 502: Bad gateway

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