One-Button Transmitter for 4 Devices

One Command from Transmitter Activates Four Devices Off or On at Remote Receiver

Sometimes, you want to remote control more than one electric devices just with one transmitter,but most of remote control systems only allow one command at a time to remote control one device even though they are able to activate 2 or more relays. Or you are just looking for a remote control system with range of only 100m that will allow the activation of least three or four commands simultaneously and then trigger three or four channels on the receiver at the same time.

Actually, you thought can be realized if the 4 channel 12VDC long range receiver’s interior circuit can be changed and pair with 1-button transmitter. You just need only one button on the transmitter that you can remote control 4 devices. Its working distance is beyond your thought. It can reach 2000m (no obstacles).

remote control kit-carymart

You wire either AC 110~240V or DC0~28V electric devices to receiver because of its normally open and closed contact terminals. Electric devices usually wire to normally open terminals for safety purpose. Especially, if it is ac power activated remote control receiver. Receiver and controlled devices will not share the same power supply from the following wiring.

light controlling circuit- carymart

On the other hand, if you want to wire dc motivated device, such as led lights or dc motors, you can look at the following wiring diagram for your reference. Motors will share the same power supply with the receiver.

RF remote controller's motor-controlling-circuit-carymart

When you press the button on the transmitter CB-1, it will trigger 4 relays on the receiver at the same time. As thus, four electric gadgets will be turned on at the same time once receiver received command. When you press the button again, turn off four electric gadgets simultaneously. | 502: Bad gateway

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