One-Button Transmitter for 2 Devices

Remote Controller with 2 Relays Controls 220V and 12V Lamps Simultaneously

Question from customer:

What I am looking for is a controller with 220v input voltage, operating 2 relays simultaneously. One relay will open and close 220v, and the other relay open and close 12v. Push button once – ON, push button again – OFF. Can this RF controller be programmed so that both relays open and close with one same button of the remote controller?


We recommend the normally open and closed contact remote receiver and one-button transmitter (S2U-AC220 +C-1). This normally open and closed contact is as the switch of device, that is to say, you can supply AC or DC power to the controlled device.

remote control unit

And we can set two relays to work with only one button by changing the software. Suppose we control one alternating current lamp and one direct current lamp simultaneously with one-button transmitter. This is the wiring diagram. A&B terminals is normally open, B&C terminals is normally closed. We usually connect lamps to normally open terminals. So 2 lamps are connected to B&C terminals of relay 1 and relay 2 respectively. And supply power to the receiver. Owing to no current output for lamps from receiver, so 2 lamps must be supplied power with different voltage individually as your requirement.


After switching on power, press button, two lamps are on simultaneously; press button again, two lamps are off at the same time.