RF Vibration Detector

How do you know when the truck tips your garbage bin outdoor with RF vibration detector

One of our customers wants to use wireless remote controller to attach his garbage bin outside. When the truck picks up the bin and tips garbage, the controller will detects and turns up a light in the house. So he can know that the garbage is taken away. It sounds a very innovative idea. So for realization, we select a remote control kit for him. They are S1DA-AC220 & W-12. They are the remote control kit with functions of time delay and vibration reminder .


W-12 is an RF vibration detector. When the item is vibrated, the vibration detector will be triggered and will send signal to the receiver to instruct the device to work. S1DA-AC220 is a receiver with a timer.

First, we should stick the detector to the garbage bin and pull out the antenna. (To see the following picture)

garbage bin &W-12copy

Second, it is the wiring procedure .The power supply should be connected to the N&L terminal of the receiver.

Wires from the light should be connected to B&N terminal of the receiver. Then we use another wire connect to C&L terminal of the receiver.

S1DA-AC connection 2

We press buttons of “+” and “-” on the timer to adjust delay time. Suppose we set 5 minutes for this timer.

When the truck comes and picks up the garbage bin, the garbage bin is vibrated so that the vibration detector is triggered and send signal to receiver. After the receiver receives the signal, the light will shine and last for 5 minutes. Then the light will turn off automatically after 5 minutes. With shining of light, we know that the garbage truck tips garbage into truck and takes away.

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