Remote Control Solenoid&Linear Actuator

100M RF Wireless Remote Switch for Solenoids and Linear Motors

Question from customer:

I need to remotely control two on/off solenoids and two linear actuators on my truck. They are all actuated by 24V power supply in my truck. Do you have a system that will do this?

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We recommend the model of 4 channel multi-mode 24V remote control (S4U-DC24+C-4). This kind of remote control is 4 channels with multi-modes, which includes toggle, momentary, latched and momentary+toggle. It is flexible choice for you. You can choose the 24V actuated remote control since there is 24V power in your truck. The working distance is about 100M.

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Then connect 2 linear actuators to channel 1 and 2 in parallel, connect two on/off solenoids to channel 3 and 4 respectively. You can set the receiver to Momentary (Channel 1~2) + Toggle (Channel 3~4) control mode.

The wiring is just a little complicated. Please see the wiring diagram below, B is common terminal. Each linear actuator motor is supposed to be connected to B terminals of relay 1&2. A is normally closed terminal and C is normally open terminal. Connect terminal C to the positive and connect terminal A to the negative. Each solenoid is connected to B&C terminals of relay 3&4.


After wiring, you can control them by the transmitter C-4.

Press and hold button 1, linear actuators move forward together, release the button 1, linear actuators stop together.

Press and hold button 2, linear actuators move backward together, release the button 2, linear actuators stop together.

Press button 3, turn on solenoid 1. Press button 3 again, turn off solenoid 1.

Press button 4, turn on solenoid 2. Press button 4 again, turn off solenoid 2. | 502: Bad gateway

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