Remote Control shutter

One remote controller controls many shutters in the house simultaneously

One of our customers intended to buy remote controllers to control his reversible motors shutters. He wants one transmitter to control 4 shutters in each room. The one-to-many remote control system is favorable for him. This set of controller can make the motor rotate in forward and reversal direction.

This is the transmitter and receiver. From the transmitter, we can see two buttons on it.

Button ▲ on transmitter & receiver is for forward direction. Button ▼ on transmitter & receiver is for reversal direction.


The customer wants to control like this:


Each of the receivers should learn code from the transmitter so that the transmitter can control 4 receivers simultaneously.

Look at the circuit configuration.


Here is the wiring picture.

Each motor of the shutter should be connected to the receiver one by one. Every receiver should be connected to the power supply.


We press and hold button ▲ on transmitter. With the motors of shutters working continuously in “UP” direction, shutters go up slowly. When we release the button ▲, the motors stop moving. When we press the hold button ▼, the motor works continuously in “DOWN” direction, shutter go down slowly.



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