remote control AC and DC device at the same time

Wireless RF Remote with learning code control AC and DC Devices

In our daily life and work, we need a variety of electrical devices. Some need AC voltage supply, and some need DC voltage supply. If we want to remotely control one DC voltage appliance and the other AC voltage one simultaneously. What do we need for this? Model 0020497 (S2U-DC12& C-2L) is more suitable compared to other types of wireless remote controls.

The remote control includes two parts, the receiver S2U-DC12 and the transmitter C-2L. The relay of the receiver can work at AC and DC voltage, so we can select one AC voltage device and the other DC voltage one, two AC voltage devices, or two DC voltage devices.

The remote control is widely used. It can control lights, motors , fans electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances with AC110~240V or DC 0~28V. We can remotely control electrical equipment by wireless RF signal that can pass through walls, floors and doors. The remote control is very helpful, we can move and carry it to any place we want to go because of its wireless and lightweight.



The distinguishing feature of the remote control is with learning code function. There are millions of codes to learn, so it is much safer for us to use. In the factory, there is a fixed code in the transmitter. The receiver can get the code by learning function. If we want to use several receivers in the same place at the same time, the receiver can be set different codes . If we don’t want the transmitter to work with the receiver, you can delete the code that stored in the receiver.


We learn how to learn and delete the code on the basis of the application circuit below.

The procedure of leaning code:

1) Press the button of receiver; signal LED on the receiver keeps shining. The receiver enters into status of LEARNING.

2) Press any one button on remote control. If signal LED flashes quickly 15 times and turns off, it means learning is successful.

3) When receiver is in the status of LEARNING, press again the button of receiver, signal LED turns off, learning process will be discontinued.

4) The receiver can learn several remote controls with different codes.

The procedure of deleting code:

Press and hold the button of receiver until signal LED flashes slowly; release the button, LED keeps slow flash. That means all stored codes have been deleted successfully.



Look at the diagram above, we can learn how to wire on the basis of it. The terminals A and B are normally closed, the terminals B and C are normally open. Output terminals Positive electrode and Negetive electrode should be wired to additional power supply. Two appliances (a DC lamp and a AC lamp) and their DC power supply or AC power supply should be connected to the terminals B & C.