2-gang Wireless Rocker Switch& Time Delay Receiver

2-Gang Wireless Rocker Switch and Time Delay Receiver Control Two DC Lights

For conventional light switch, we have to drill holes in the wall and wire between switch and light fixture. However, we usually want to make thing easily to handle and get fed up with the amount of routing and drilling. If we run a regular circuit, we must drill holes to get each wire to the switch location leading to increasing the electrical workload. So we usually seek easy and convenient method for light fixture. Wireless switch is your better choice. Our 2-gang wireless rocker switch is suitable as a light switch that controls a light or home appliance to turn itself off or on, instead of complicated wiring. With stick-on back, we can simply affix the wireless rocker switch to any place we want.

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With the use of radio transmission, wireless remote controlling light can be realized. Here we want to try something new in comparison with using ordinary RF receiver. We use adjustable time delayed receiver to work with this wireless rocker switch.


At first, we should pair up wireless rocker switch and adjustable time delay receiver. Then, we install the rocker switch to wall after uncovering the cover of double-adhesive tape. Two DC lights are typically wired into receiver. Initial state: A, B= Normally Closed; B, C =Normally open. So DC lamp should be wired to B, C terminals. Supply power to DC lamp and receiver respectively.


Press buttons of “+” and “-” on two timer of two relays, adjust delays’ time from 0 second to 99 hours. “H” is Hour, “M” is Minute, and “S” is Second.

For example, supposed we set “M 0 1”, of relay 1, it means the delay time is 1 minute. We set “M 0 2” of relay 2, it means the delay time is 1 minutes.

Press button on the rocker switch on the left, turn on the light 1. After delay time, light 1 will turn off by itself.

Press button on the rocker switch on the right, turn on the light 2. After delay time, light 2 will turn off by itself.

If we want to turn off any lights immediately, press button on either side of rocker switch again, corresponding light turns off, no need to wait for delay time.

Remote light switches use the transmission of a radio signal to the receiving device to make light fixture off and on and eliminated the wire from light to switch location. This is very useful in remodeling of your house where new wiring can be rather difficult. Rather than drill holes on the wall to get access wiring, wireless switch can be used in that situations to make your house remodeling fast and simple.

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