Learning&Deleting Code

Encoding and Decoding of Remote Controller

Remote controller has toggle, momentary, latched or even mixed modes. We should learn or delete code from transmitter for receiver to operate or shift mode. Different mode is used in different controlling. Toggle mode is used for light controlling, lock controlling… Momentary is used for motor controlling, rolling blinds controlling… Latched mode is available for long distance controlling (no line of sight, lots of trees or other obstacles in-between).

remote control

Here, we’d like to introduce the procedure of code learning and deleting.

Learning code of remote control:

1)       Press buttons to control lamps, there is no response from lamps at first. (No codes in the receiver)

2)       Press and hold the button of receiver; signal LED on the receiver keeps shining. Then release the button. The receiver enters into status of LEARNING.


3)           Press any one button on remote control. If signal LED flashes quickly 15 times and turns off.


4)       Press buttons to turn on or off lamps, it means learning is successful.



Deleting Code:

We have learned remote control to the receiver. If you don’t want the receiver to work with the remote control or want to shift working mode, you can delete all codes of remote controls which are stored in the receiver.

1)       Press buttons, you can turn on lamps. (All codes are stored in the receiver at first.)


2)       Delete codes: Press and hold the button of receiver until signal LED flashes slowly; release the button, LED keeps slow flash.


3)       Press buttons to control lamps, there is no response from lamps. That means all stored codes have been deleted successfully.


Video of Learning code:

Video of Deleting code:

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