How to get the longest distance?

How to get the longest range by using the wireless remote control kit?

Generally speaking, remote control kit consists of receiver and transmitter. You can control almost all the equipments by using the remote control kit. Setting the receiver on the equipments, using the transmitter to transmit RF signal to the receiver. When the receiver gets the RF signal, it can control the equipments.

Some customers will find that the actual distance is not so long in real practice. In this case, you may doubt that the products are of poor quality or the working distance is wrong. That is not true. Here we want to recommend that all the working distance of our products is a theoretical data, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no any interference.

Take model 0020144(S1M-DC12-ANT2 & CB-1) as an example, the distance 2000m is a theoretical data, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no any interference. But in the practice, it will be hindered by trees, walls or other constructions, and will be exposed to some interference by other signals. Therefore, the actual distance may or may not reach 2000m.

The working range of the transmitter refers to the sensitivity of the receiver when it receiving the signal and the capacity of the transmitter. The sensitivity of the receiver depends on the antenna.

So, if you want to have the longest range, you may first choose a high power transmitter. When you want to control the devices outside the house or from a far distance, it is better to choose controller with external antenna.

Trees, water, cement or other constructions will all reduce the signal of the transmitter. You may set the receiver on a higher place to get a better signal.

How to get the longest range of the transmitter:

First, choose the suitable remote control kits and its accessories to get a longest range.

(1)Transmitter: you can choose a high power transmitter to get a longest range.

There are some examples:

Model Working Distance Size
CP-2 500m (theoretical) 135mm x 42mm x25mm
CB-2 1000m (theoretical) 135mm x 42mm x25mm
CC-2 5000m (theoretical) 135mm x 42mm x 25mm


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(2)Receiver: Normally, almost all the receiver consists of their own internal antenna. You’d better choose the receiver with external antenna. External antennas consist of magnetic sucker antenna (longer distance) and telescopic antenna (middle distance). According to the environment, choose the suitable external antenna for your receiver so that it can get a longest range.

There are some examples:

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a) Stand the antenna on end;

b) Completely stretch the antenna.

By doing this, you can get a better signal, therefore, you can get a longest range.

(3)The external antenna can be set on both receiver and transmitter.

Second, operate the remote control kit in a right way to make sure that you can get a longest range.

  • The battery power of transmitter must be adequate and the battery voltage must higher than the theoretical level. For example, the battery voltage of transmitter is 12V, when the battery power is adequate, the voltage will higher than 12V, may be 12.1V or 12.2V.
  • The battery voltage of receiver must be adequate and must be within the working range. Using regulated power supply and choosing the good quality power adapter. If the receiver is using the storage battery, then the battery capacity must be high.
  • Don’t put the receiver in a metal box, because the signal weakens greatly by the metal. The solution is set an external magnetic sucker antenna outside the metal box.
  • When the receiver cannot receive the RF signal from the transmitter, which means the working distance may not reach the theoretical data. Then you can choose a signal repeater model 0010001(R-01) to solve this problem.

Apart from the above information we have mentioned, there is another important news we want to show you.

In the past, we only have CB series transmitter, which working distance is 1000m. Now, we have CC series transmitter, its theoretical working distance can reach about 5000m, which is much longer than 1000m.

We also produce a new series of remote control kits. The working distance is 5000m.

These remote control kits have feedback function and two ways working mode.

With the feedback function, they can let the user know whether he/she had already connected the transmitter and receiver successfully in such a long distance.

Here is the principle of the feedback function.

[Transmitter]   <———

|                         \

[Encode]                       \

|                            |

[Channel]                [Feedback]

|                            |

[Decode]                       /

|                          /

[Receiver]     ———->

Two ways working mode: When the receiver gets the signal of transmitter, it will immediately send a return signal to the transmitter. When the transmitter receive the feedback signal of the receiver, the transmitter will exude a buzzing sound like “D~” which means it receive the feedback signal successfully.

The receiver is waterproof case with waterproof connectors. The receiver can be installed outdoors. They are also high power remote control kits, each relay output can work at maximum current 30A.

External magnetic sucker antenna with 5meters cable, the antenna can be installed outside the building to get better working distance

The remote control kits can be used in agriculture automation, industry automation, and home automation. It can control products on land, water and air, especially in a long distance, such as business signs, motorboat, farm, pasture, offshore unmanned operation, field call, remote security alarm, unmanned aerial vehicle, etc.

There are some examples:

Wireless remote control motor boat


Wireless remote control the hunting pitfall


Wireless remote control the movement of the target in the shooting gallery


Wireless remote control the vending machine


Wireless remote control the LED of the business signs

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