1 channel wireless remote control vibratory receiver

Wireless Remote Control Receiver with Vibrator by Two Transmitters

Question from customer:

    Hi. I want to be able to have two different conference room occupant(s) be able to push a button to summon me back to one of those two conference rooms. I need two transmitters and one receiver really. It would be great to have the receiver distinguish (by tone or vibration quality) which transmitter is summoning me. Can you help?


    We introduce the remote control equipment to you. It is model: Z-02 & C-1. The equipment consists of one receiver and two transmitters. The receiver is Z-02 and the transmitter is C-1. The receiver can be remote controlled by two transmitters. Because we will set the first transmitter C-1 on the channel 1, and set the second transmitter C-1 on the channel 4 .When one occupant press button on the first C-1: The receiver vibrates once. When another occupant press button on the second C-1: The receiver vibrates four times.

    The first C-1 stand for the first room and the second C-1 stand for the second room. When the receiver vibrates once, you will go to the first room; when the receiver vibrates four times, you will go to the second room. But you can also choose as you like freely.

    The wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors by remote control. So you can mount the receiver on your office. When someone presses the button of transmitter, the receiver can receive the wireless RF signal from the transmitter and vibrates. Then you can know you should go to which one conference room. Besides you don’t have to supply power to the receiver by connecting wire. You just need to mount one battery in the receiver and it can normally work.






  Here is the structure picture. When you press the button of transmitter, the receiver will receive the wireless RF signal by remote control. Then the vibrator can produce vibrating. And it will vibrate once or four times according to our setting.



The wireless remote control equipment is very convenient for using during working. If you would like to know more something about the equipment, you can enter into our website and search the product as following:


Model: 0020115 (Z-02 & C-1)






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