1 channel wireless remote control receiver with 4 relays

2000m Range Wireless Receiver with 4 Relays of Remote Control by 1Channel Transmitter

Question from customer:

I am looking for a transmitter/receiver system with a range of at least 200 m that will allow the activation of at least three or four commands at the same time and then trigger three or four relays on the receiver at the same time. Most systems only allow for one command at a time even though they have the capability of 2 – 12 relays activations. Do you carry such a transmitter/ receiver system?


This is wireless remote control device model: S4C-DC12-ANT2 & CB-1 which we introduce to you. The receiver (S4C-DC12-ANT2) has 4 relays in it and the transmitter (CB-1) just has one button. You just need to press the button, then it will trigger 4 relays in the receiver at the same time by wireless remote control.

It can control lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances with AC110~240V or DC 0~28V. After you connect the appliances to the relay in the receiver, you push the button on the transmitter and it will launch wireless RF signal. The signal will be received by the receiver. Then the relays are activated at the same time. And you can turn on/off the appliances through wireless remote control. Besides, the wireless remote control device’s working distance is 2000m/6000ft theoretically because of the receiver with external extend antenna (ANT2) as following picture:



1_02  1



The wireless remote control device just has one control mode because of the 1 channel transmitter. You can set the control mode toggle as following circuit board picture: you just only connect jumper-2, then press the button on the transmitter, the relays on; press the button again on the transmitter, the relays off.


Here is the circuit diagram. You can connect appliances to the terminal of the receiver. Then supply power to the receiver. When you press the button of the transmitter, you can turn on/off the appliances at the same time by wireless remote control.


So the wireless remote control device can be used to control four same appliances by triggering four relays in the receiver at the same time. If you would like to know more something about the product, please enter into our website and search the product as following:


Model: 0020247(S4C-DC12-ANT2 & CB-1)