1 channel wireless remote control lamp

Wireless hand-held remote control and wall-mounted switch control a lamp

We have a variety of wireless remote control. Generally, one transmitter controls one receiver, but one/several transmitters can control one/several receivers simultaneously. So you can make the best choice according to your needs. The following is the example that two transmitters control one receiver. A hand-held switch and wall-mounted switch control a lamp, or two hand-held switches control the light at the same time.

Question from customer:

I want to use your wireless remote control to control my outdoor lighting by two possibilities. I wish I could turn the light on or with your remote control or with the push button which is installed in the house. Is it possible to also establish the contact by two wires connected to my existing push button in the house? Can you help?



According to your requirements, we recommend Model (S1PX-AC220 & 2C-1). The wireless remote control includes one receiver (S1PX-AC220) and two transmitters (C-1). One transmitter can be moved to any place you want, the other transmitter can be connected to your existing push button by two wires in the house. If you don’t want to use push button in the house, the transmitter HR-1 can replace one of two transmitters C-1. This is to say, you can use the same receiver (S1PX-AC220) and two transmitters (C-1 & HR-1).


The first option: one receiver (S1PX-AC220), two transmitters (C-1)




The second option: one receiver (S1PX-AC220), two transmitters(C-1&HR-1)

Though the transmitter HR-1 is like the universal switch from appearance, it is wireless wall mounted remote control. It is easier for you to install it with double-sided adhesive tape.





Look at the application circuit of the receiver below. The input terminals N&L should be wired to additional supply power. We should connect the lamp to the output terminals N&L. Because the receiver can supply power to the lamp, the lamp needn’t be supplied to additional power.



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