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Momentary 6V 1 Channel Remote Controller for Doorbell

Question from customer:

I want to install a single channel remote to control my doorbell within the range of 150m. The old 6V doorbell was broken and I don’t want to repair the wires of doorbell. Ordinary wireless doorbell cannot be used because it doesn’t reach the distance I really want. I have an idea that a transmitter is connected to the doorbell button and relay in receiver is connected to doorbell. The only problem is the control range of remote need to reach about 150m. Would you like to recommend some favorable products?

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We recommend the 6V one channel 2000m receiver(S1U-DC06-ANT2) and long range transmitter (CB-1). Working voltage range of receiver is 6V. With normally open and close terminal, the voltage of the device being controlled is AC110~240V or DC0~28V. So it can be applied in 6V doorbell. Usually, you don’t have to supply additional power to doorbell because it can get 6V power from powered receiver when you connect them to the 6V power supply together. And the most significant is that it has extended external antenna which makes its control range up to 2000m (6000ft). You will be satisfied with this product.

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According to your requirement, you can connect the button of the bell to the transmitter by two wires. Then connect the bell to the relay in the receiver.


Setting control mode Momentary: Connect Jumper-1.

When you press the button of the bell, RF signal will be sent out from transmitter to receiver. The receiver receives to turn on the relay, then the doorbell rings. Release the button, the doorbell stops ringing.