Remote Control DC Motor

2-Channel Momentary 6V Remote Switch for 6V Motor

We have 6V momentary remote controller to be promoted. It is designed for 6V electric devices specially.

This 2 channel wireless remote control momentary on off switch is widely applied to control on off electrical devices such like lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors / locks / windows / blinds, etc.

remote control module

Now we’d like to show you how to remote control 6V motor. See the wiring diagram below, C is normally open terminal; A normally closed terminal and B common terminal. Connect terminal C to the positive and connect terminal A to the negative. Terminal B is supposed to be connected to the motor.

Note: The Power supply of receiver and motor must be provided individually in order to avoid interference between them.

application circuit

S2M-DC&C-2wiring COPY


Press and hold button 1, the motor rotates in positive direction; Release button 1, motor stops rotating.

S2M-DC&C-2 positive rotate

Press and hold button 2, the motor rotates in reverse direction; Release button 2, motor stops rotating.

S2M-DC&C-2 reverse rotate