Wireless wall mounted switch remote control AC 220V lamp on/off

We recommend the wireless remote control device here. It is model: S1X-AC220 & HR-1. The receiver (S1X-AC220) is 1 channel and working voltage is AC100~240V. The transmitter (HR-1) is a wireless wall mounted switch and remote control distance is 50m/150ft theoretically. You can mount the transmitter to wall and connect one AC 220 lamp to receiver. When you press the button of transmitter, the lamp will on/off.

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Here is the circuit diagram of receiver. You can connect one AC 220V lamp to output terminal of receiver. Then supply power to receiver by connecting live wire to “L” terminal and connecting zero wire to “N” terminal. If you press the button of transmitter, you can wireless remote control lamp on /off.


The wireless remote control device has one control mode: toggle. You can set the mode as the operation:

When you set toggle mode, only connect jumper-2.

Press button: turn on lamp

Press button again: turn off lamp.


Finally you can enter into the website and search the wireless remote control device as following:

Model: 0020545 S1X-AC220 & HR-1





RF website:





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