Wireless Automatic Garden Watering System and Remote Control Lamps

Question from customer:

Can you help me select the correct product? The distance is 600 feet through house with walls and some trees. I need to turn on a 220 volt garden watering system for my plant. There is a solenoid valve connecting to the spray head of the system. I also want to turn on at least three other dc 12 volt circuits separately for lights.The control panel has a switch on it right now that I would like to be able to still use if necessary.


Answer to this question:

We recommend this four function distant-range rf remote .  The working voltage range of relay is AC 110—240V or DC0~28V. The highlight of this product is that it can activate different electrical devices with different working voltage simultaneously.There are totally four channels. It is 10amp current for each channel. The working distance is up to 2000m (6000FT) in open air with external mount antenna. It is very appropriate for garden watering system.

remote control kit

We make a demonstration of this remote controlling.

Let’s look at the following material.

S4U-AC-ANT2&CB-4 remote control led material

As seen in the picture, three spotlights should be connected three relays’ normally open terminal individually and be supplied DC 12 V power supply. The pond fountain will be connected to last one relay’s normally terminal and be supplied AC220V power supply.

S4U-AC220-ANT2+ CB-4电路图及视频拍摄说明

S4U-AC-ANT2&CB-4 wiring

There are 4 buttons on the transmitter. One button controls one relay. Usually, we set “Toggle Mode”.

So press button “A”, turn on the led light strip 1.

S4U-AC-ANT2&CB-4-operation1-A on


Press button “B”, turn on the led light strip 2.

S4U-AC-ANT2&CB-4-operatio1-B on


Press button ‘C”, turn on the led light strip 3.

S4U-AC-ANT2&CB-4-operation1-C on


Press button “D”, turn on the solenoid valve.

S4U-AC-ANT2&CB-4-operation1-D on


Press buttons one by one again to switch off all of them.

S4U-AC-ANT2&CB-4-operation D off

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