Vibrating Beep Kit for Disabled Person


I am looking for a system that would allow my father to alert severely disabled mother when the latter is not in the same room. Maximum range 100 m sought. The button must be easy to use. The receiver must fit in a pocket.



We recommend a feasible solution to you. The vibrating beep receiver with three working mode (Z-06) and 500m radio transmitter (CP-1) are suitable for you. There are three working mode for this kit. Your father can switch all of them freely as he want. They are vibration mode, beep mode and vibration mode &beep mode. When the receiver is assigned to transmitter (CP-1), the whole kit’s transmitting distance is about 500m. The receiver and transmitter are small enough for your father to put it into pocket or hold it in hand. So you don’t have to worry about how to alert your severely disabled mother.


Here is the usage.

You should learn remote control:

1 Press and hold the learning button of the receiver for about 5 seconds, then release the button when LED light is on, the receiver is in the status of learning.

2 Press button of remote control within 10 seconds, if LED light flickers twice then off, it means learning is successful.

Those three working mode will be appropriate for different situation.

Vibration mode: Press the button of transmitter, the receiver vibrates for 5 seconds. If your mother doesn’t carry the receiver to her pocket at times, your father had better switch to beep mode or beep &vibrating mode in advance. He can press button of receiver to switch to beep mode or beep& vibrating mode. He presses button of transmitter, the receiver will beep or beep and vibrates together for 5 seconds. It depends on the working mode your father chooses.

This kit is easy to use. So you can rest assured that your father will alert your mother successfully with the help of those items.

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