Training Systems are Remotely Controllable with One Controller

Question from customer:

We have 2 training systems that run on your remote controls 1 system requires 8 channels and 1 system requires only 4 channels.

Is there any way to program a 12 channel hand held remote to allow control of both systems with 1 hand held remote?

What would we have to order and how would we program the hand held to “talk” to both the 8 and 4 channels remote receivers?


Firstly, we can select 8 channels receiver for the first training system and 4 channels receiver for the second training system.


To realize one transmitter to control those two training systems, the software of those two receivers should be reprogrammed by us in advance. And choose this 12 buttons transmitter to control both two receivers.


Button 1 to Button 8 control the first training system. Button 9 to Button 12 control the second system.

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