Toggle Remote Controller for 2 LED Lights

Question from customer

Hello, can you supply me with 2 single on/off receivers with using just 1 transmitter? I have 2 separate 24 volt led lamps in separate locations in my motor home, but I just want to operate all lights from 1 transmitter.


We recommend you 2 voltage output toggle receivers (S1XT-DC24) and 1 transmitter (C-2). Wire each led lamp to each channel of receiver. It is voltage direct output. The led lamps can get power through receiver directly. It outputs DC24V power. With fixed toggle working mode, you can use transmitter to press button 1 & 2 to turn on lamps, and then press again to turn off lamps. There is no interference between receivers.

remote control kit

We prepare a simple demonstration for your reference. At first, we prepare the following material.

They are remote control kits, led lamps, power adaptors, lines

S1XT-DC12&C-2 material

According to the following wiring diagram, we made wiring. Two led lamps are connected to A&B terminals of receivers respectively. And supply 24V power to receiver.


S1XT-DC12&C-2 wiring

Press button 1, switch on lamp 1.

S1XT-DC12&C-2 button 1 on

Press button 1 again, switch off lamp 1.

S1XT-DC12&C-2 button 1 off

Press button 2, switch on lamp 2.

S1XT-DC12&C-2 button 2 on

Press button 2 again, switch off lamp 2.

S1XT-DC12&C-2 button 2 off


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