Time Delay Adjustable Remote for DC Motor

Reversing motor can be applied to conveyors, awnings, winches, electrically operated doors / windows / blinds or other electrical devices. To make the motor rotate in positive and reversal direction, we try to use this kind 2 channels adjustable time delay remote control kit to control dc motor.

Firstly we prepare:

1 x 2 channel delay time adjustable receiver (S2DA-DC12)

1 x 4-button transmitter(C-4)

2 x dc 12v power supply

Some lines

Secondly, see the wiring images below; C is normally open terminal; A normally closed terminal and B common terminal. Connect terminal C to the positive and connect terminal A to the negative. Terminal B is supposed to be connected to the motor.


Thirdly, it comes to operation

At first, we set delay time 8 seconds for relay 1 and 10 seconds for relay 2. Then switch on power.

Press button 1, the motor rotates continuously in the positive direction.

If we want to interrupt the rotation, we can press button 3, the motor stops rotating immediately.

Press button 2, motor rotates continuously in the reverse direction.

If we want to interrupt the reverse rotation, press button 4, the motor stops right away.

Time Delay Mode

Press button 1, the motor positive rotation will last 8 seconds which is set in advance, then stops rotating.


Press button 2, the motor reverse rotation will last 10 seconds which is preset, then stops rotating.

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